Protect | Share | Lead

The Shield: While not given a choice, you have been bestowed the honor to multiply and add to the legacy of your culture. Your journey lay in the desire to never forget home but to share your culture with the world. With this comes balance, which is the culmination of your story.
The Colours: Though outwardly acknowledged, you are not defined by the simplicity of the human race. Birthed from pride, you carry the torch. Your job is to embrace and transcend the affairs that distract the world. Lead those to a new land.
The Charge: The heart of a lion. The forefront of your pride, you recognize the animalistic nature of the terrain. You maneuver through the world to exchange a piece of yourself and share your greatest gift, your experiences.

“Pidgin English is the lingua franca, link language or language of commerce, spoken along the West African coast during the period of the Atlantic slave trade. British slave merchants and local African traders developed this language in the coastal areas in order to facilitate their commercial exchanges, but it quickly spread up the river systems into the West African interior because of its value as a trade language among Africans of different tribes. Later in its history, this useful trading language was adopted as a native language by new communities of Africans and mixed-race people living in coastal slave trading bases”. Pidgin English is now used amongst many African and Caribbean nations as a native form of communication.